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Hobos at The American Legion


Homemade Dressings: Ranch - Honey Mustard - Bleu Cheese - Creamy Italian - Caesar - Sweet-N-Spicy - Southwest Ranch - Tomato Ranch
Sauces: Ranch - Marinara - Tartar - Cocktail - Hot Wing - Horseradish - Bistro - BBQ - Spicy BBQ - Jalapeno Cheese
Need more than one?... Add .35 each

Deep Fried Clams$6.99

Wings Tossed in Hot Sauce

8, 10, or 12! Naked or Breaded.

Southern Style Chicken Strips$6.25

4 to an order

Butterfly Breaded Shrimp$5.49

6 to an appetizer order

Fried Dill Pickle Spears$4.99

Italian Seasoned Motza Stix$4.99

Butter Breaded Fried Shrooms$4.99

Cheddar Cheese Breaded Cauliflower$4.99

Breaded Fiesta Bold Jalapeno Poppers$4.99

Breaded Onion Rings$6.25

French Fries$3.75

Cheesy French Fries$5.75

Add Chili for $1.25.

Hobo Chips$3.50

Sausage & Cheese Toasted Ravioli$5.29

Hobo's Nachos$7.25

Chili, Jalapeño Cheese Sauce, Red Onions & Jalapeños

Mac-N-Cheese Bites$4.49

Fried Fish Nuggets$8.99


Chili (Spicy or Not)

Cup $2.99 | Bowl $5.99
Have it as a side for $1.75(cup) or $3.50(bowl)
Ask about our Soup of the Day.


Chopped Romaine, Green Leaf & Radicchio Mix

Hobo's House Special Caesar$7.25

Our Caesar Salads are untraditional and do have onions and tomatoes! Please specify if you would like them without either of these

Side Caesar$3.79

Chicken Caesar$8.50

Your choice of slow smoked, fried or grilled chicken, topped with diced onions, parmesan & tomato.

Buffalo Fried Chicken Salad$8.50

Chicken tossed in hot sauce with Monterey jack, cheddar, diced onions, parmesan & tomato and our homemade ranch dressing.

BLT Salad$8.50

Bacon, lettuce, tomato, onions & cheese with chipotle mayo dressing.

Hobo Cheese Steak Salad$8.75

Covered in provolone cheese, sweet peppers, diced red onions, Monterey jack, shredded parmesan and our sweet and spicy dressing.

Cajun Grilled Chicken Salad$8.50

Lettuce, Tomatoes, Red Onions, Cheese, Cajun Seasoning, Grilled Chicken and Southwest Ranch Dressing

Chef Salad$9.25

Crisp Greens with ham, bacon, monterey jack cheese, egg, blue cheese, scallions, and tomato

Sandwiches & Stuff

U pick ONE side! Please specify if you want lettuce, tomato, pickle or onion

"Freddie The Freeloader"$7.25

Hand pounded pork tenderloin, deep fried OR grilled on a Toasted Kaiser Bun

"Tuck and Pull"$6.49

Slow smoked pulled pork on a toasted hoagie with BBQ sauce.

"Two Can Sam"$6.49

Slow smoked & pulled chicken on toasted Kaiser with BBQ sauce.

"Saltwater Red"$7.49

Beer battered & deep fried haddock filet on a hoagie with L, T, P & O.

"Oklahoma Joe"$6.89

Slow smoked brisket on toasted rye with Dijon mustard, cole slaw & light layer of BBQ sauce.

"Junkyard John"$7.49

Sirloin steak, grilled onion & sweet pepper on a toasted hoagie covered in provolone cheese and our own sweet & spicy dressing

"3-Meat Pete"$6.89

Honey baked ham, smoked turkey & bacon on toasted rye with L & T

"Chattanooga Charlie"$6.89

Pile of crisp bacon with lettuce & tomato on toasted rye with our own tomato ranch dressing.


Boneless grilled chicken breast on a toasted Kaiser w L, T, P & O.

"Feather River John"$6.79

Breaded & deep fried chicken breast on a toasted Kaiser.
Toss the chicken in hot sauce for $.30!

"Wild Wille"$7.25

Foot Long hot dog loaded with Chili (spicy or regular!), shredded cheese & onions

"Injun Tucker"$5.69

U Pick 3 Cheeses on Texas toast.

"Hammy Da Hottie"$6.79

6oz. shaved black forest ham, topped with 2 slices of Swiss Cheese on a Toasted Kaiser Bun

"Cod Basket"$8.00

Beer battered cod fish.

"Smokey The Bird"$7.99

Smoked turkey, bacon, shredded lettuce, tomato, Monterey jack cheese & Southwest ranch on a toasted hoagie.

Rail Rider O'Riley$7.99

Large pile of shaved corned beef topped with Swiss, Sauerkraut, Bistro Sauce on grilled Rye Bread


U pick ONE side!

Salad Wrap$6.99

Side Salad in a wrap.. U pick the dressing!

Club Wrap$7.25

Black Forest Ham, Roasted Turkey & Bacon with Lettuce, Tomato, Onion, Monterey Jack Cheese and Chipotle Mayo

Chicken Wrap$6.99

Your choice of smoked & pulled, Southern fried or grilled with Parmesan, lettuce, tomato, red onion & Caesar.

Buffalo Chicken Wrap$6.99

Fried chicken nuggets tossed in hot sauce with lettuce, cheese, onions, tomato & our homemade ranch dressing.

Cajun Fried Shrimp Wrap$6.99

With lettuce, tomato, onion, cheese and chipotle mayo.

BLT Wrap$7.25

Pile of crisp bacon with lettuce, tomato, onion, Monterey jack, Cheddar & shredded Parmesan cheese and chipotle mayo.

Pulled Pork & Coleslaw Wrap$6.99

Cheese Steak Wrap$8.75

Sweet Peppers, Diced Red Onions, Provolone and our own Southwest Ranch Dressing


U pick ONE side! All of our burgers are fresh 1/2 lb patties. Add Bacon for $1.25.
Cheeses: Cheddar, Provolone, Pepper Jack, American, Swiss, Jalapeno Cheese Sauce.
Please specify if you want lettuce, tomato, pickle or onion!

"Ain't No Bum"$6.49

Our Original Burger right off the grill on a Toasted Bun

"Waddlin Chuck"$6.79

Our Original Burger topped with your Favorite Cheese on a Toasted Bun

"Uncle Overload"$9.99

Two 1/2 lb Patties with your Choice of 3 Slices of Cheese on a Toasted Bun

"Gas Can Patty"$6.49

Burger on Toasted Rye with Grilled Onions & Swiss Cheese.


Get a grip on this burger! Topped with Pepper Jack & Jalapeno Cheese Sauce. Covered in Chipotle Mayo

"Little Hotter Hank"$7.49

This one comes off the grill wearing Swiss & American Cheese. Covered in Grilled Onions, Jalapenos & Chipotle Mayo on a Toasted Bun.

"Slick Willy"$7.49

This tasty Burger wears Cheddar Cheese, topped with Bacon. Covered with Sweet Baby Rays BBQ Sauce on a Toasted Bun.

Barnyard & Seafood

U pick 2 sides!

Hobo's Famous Fried Chicken

3 pcs $8.75 | 2 pcs $7.50

"Half a Cluck"$9.99

Leg, Wing, Thigh & Breast. (no subs)

Farm Raised Fish

3 pcs $10.25 | 2 pcs $8.75 
Deep Fried OR Grilled!

Fried Fish Nugget Plate$8.99


Slow Smoked & Dry Rubbed (lightly sauced).
Full Rack $19.99 | Half Rack $12.99

Hobo Combos

1/2 Slab of Ribs & 2 pcs Fried Chicken $16.99. All white meat add $1.25.
1/2 Slab of Ribs & 2 pcs Catfish $17.99

Pork Steak$11.79

18 oz. slow smoked, dry rubbed, and covered in sauce.

Pork Chops$7.99

8 oz. Hand Breaded, Bone-In.
Deep Fried OR Grilled!

Deep Fried Clams$9.49

Breaded Fantail Shrimp$10.49

Beer Battered Cod Plate$10.50

Beer Battered Haddock$10.99


One Pan Size - 13" x 16"

Cordon Bleu$19.99

Ham, Fresh Tomatoes, Grilled Chicken, Cheddar, Swiss and Mozzarella

Hobo's Classic Supreme$24.99

Homemade Italian Sausage, Canadian Bacon, Pepperoni, Bacon, Onion, Mushroom, Green Pepper, Fresh Tomatoes and Pepperoncini. Topped with Lite Mozzarella

The Italiano$20.99

Red Onion, Artichoke Hearts, Pepperoncini, Black Olives, Proscuitto Ham, Crumbled Italian Sausage, Fresh Tomato, Mozzarella and Provolone Cheese

The Tradition$18.99

Pepperoni, Homemade Italian Sausage, Bacon, Onion and Green Pepper

The Veg$18.99

Onion, Mushroom, Green Pepper, Black Olives, Fresh Tomatoes and Pepperoncini

Build Your Own$14.99

Cheese Only - $14.99
Each Additional Topping - $1.50

Pepperoni, Homemade Italian Sausage, Hamburger, Bacon, Canadian Bacon, Proscuitto Ham, Mushrooms, Fresh Tomatoes, Onion, Green Pepper, Black Olives, Pepperoncini, Artichoke Hearts, Jalapenos, Pineapple

Hobo Sides

1 with Burger, Sandwich or Wrap. 2 with your Entree

Mashed Potato & Gravy$2.50

Twice Baked Potato Casserole$2.50

Mashed Potatoes mixed with sour cream, cheese, and bacon!

Potato Salad$2.50


Hobo Chips$2.99

Macaroni Salad$2.50

BBQ Baked Beans$2.50

Our Famous Coleslaw$2.50

Seasoned Green Beans$2.50

Hobo Corn$2.50

Corn off the cob, with onions  and peppers

Broccoli Cauliflower Salad **$3.25

PREMIUM SIDE - upgrade this side with your meal for an extra $1.50!

Mac & Cheese **$3.25

PREMIUM SIDE - upgrade this side with your meal for an extra $1.50!

Onion Rings **$6.25

PREMIUM SIDE - upgrade this side with your meal for an extra $2.00!



Try our Iced Tea... Sweet or Not.

Fountain Drinks$1.95

We proudly served Pepsi products.

On Tap$2.50

Bud - Bud Light - Michelob Golden Draft - Amberbock  - Busch - Stella - Goose IPA - Goose 312 - Sam Adams Seasonal - Blue Moon

Bottled Beer

Bud - Bud Light - Bud Light Lime - Michelob Ultra - Milwaukee's Best - Busch NA - Busch - Busch Light - Natural Light - Miller Light - Coors Lite - Select - Select 55 - Corona - Corona Lite - Pabst - Stag - Angry Orchard


Merlot - White Zinfandel - Chardonnay - Moscato - Cabernet