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Hobos at The American Legion


Homemade Dressings: Ranch - Honey Mustard - Bleu Cheese - Creamy Italian - Caesar - Sweet-N-Spicy - Southwest Ranch - Tomato Ranch
Sauces: Ranch - Marinara - Tartar - Cocktail - Hot Wing - Horseradish - Bistro - BBQ - Spicy BBQ - Jalapeno Cheese
Need more than one?... Add .35 each

Deep Fried Clams


Wings Tossed in Hot Sauce

8, 10, or 12! Naked or Breaded.

Southern Style Chicken Strips


4 to an order

Butterfly Breaded Shrimp


6 to an appetizer order

Fried Dill Pickle Spears


Italian Seasoned Motza Stix


Butter Breaded Fried Shrooms


Cheddar Cheese Breaded Cauliflower


Breaded Fiesta Bold Jalapeno Poppers


Breaded Onion Rings


French Fries


Cheesy French Fries


Add Chili for $1.25.

Hobo Chips


Sausage & Cheese Toasted Ravioli


Hobo's Nachos


Chili, Jalapeño Cheese Sauce, Red Onions & Jalapeños

Mac-N-Cheese Bites


Fried Fish Nuggets



Chili (Spicy or Not)

Cup $2.99 | Bowl $5.99
Have it as a side for $1.75(cup) or $3.50(bowl)
Ask about our Soup of the Day.


Chopped Romaine, Green Leaf & Radicchio Mix

Hobo's House Special Caesar


Our Caesar Salads are untraditional and do have onions and tomatoes! Please specify if you would like them without either of these

Side Caesar


Chicken Caesar


Your choice of slow smoked, fried or grilled chicken, topped with diced onions, parmesan & tomato.

Buffalo Fried Chicken Salad


Chicken tossed in hot sauce with Monterey jack, cheddar, diced onions, parmesan & tomato and our homemade ranch dressing.

BLT Salad


Bacon, lettuce, tomato, onions & cheese with chipotle mayo dressing.

Hobo Cheese Steak Salad


Covered in provolone cheese, sweet peppers, diced red onions, Monterey jack, shredded parmesan and our sweet and spicy dressing.

Cajun Grilled Chicken Salad


Lettuce, Tomatoes, Red Onions, Cheese, Cajun Seasoning, Grilled Chicken and Southwest Ranch Dressing

Chef Salad


Crisp Greens with ham, bacon, monterey jack cheese, egg, blue cheese, scallions, and tomato

Sandwiches & Stuff

U pick ONE side! Please specify if you want lettuce, tomato, pickle or onion

"Freddie The Freeloader"


Hand pounded pork tenderloin, deep fried OR grilled on a Toasted Kaiser Bun

"Tuck and Pull"


Slow smoked pulled pork on a toasted hoagie with BBQ sauce.

"Two Can Sam"


Slow smoked & pulled chicken on toasted Kaiser with BBQ sauce.

"Saltwater Red"


Beer battered & deep fried haddock filet on a hoagie with L, T, P & O.

"Oklahoma Joe"


Slow smoked brisket on toasted rye with Dijon mustard, cole slaw & light layer of BBQ sauce.

"Junkyard John"


Sirloin steak, grilled onion & sweet pepper on a toasted hoagie covered in provolone cheese and our own sweet & spicy dressing

"3-Meat Pete"


Honey baked ham, smoked turkey & bacon on toasted rye with L & T

"Chattanooga Charlie"


Pile of crisp bacon with lettuce & tomato on toasted rye with our own tomato ranch dressing.



Boneless grilled chicken breast on a toasted Kaiser w L, T, P & O.

"Feather River John"


Breaded & deep fried chicken breast on a toasted Kaiser.
Toss the chicken in hot sauce for $.30!

"Wild Wille"


Foot Long hot dog loaded with Chili (spicy or regular!), shredded cheese & onions

"Injun Tucker"


U Pick 3 Cheeses on Texas toast.

"Hammy Da Hottie"


6oz. shaved black forest ham, topped with 2 slices of Swiss Cheese on a Toasted Kaiser Bun

"Cod Basket"


Beer battered cod fish.

"Smokey The Bird"


Smoked turkey, bacon, shredded lettuce, tomato, Monterey jack cheese & Southwest ranch on a toasted hoagie.

Rail Rider O'Riley


Large pile of shaved corned beef topped with Swiss, Sauerkraut, Bistro Sauce on grilled Rye Bread


U pick ONE side!

Salad Wrap


Side Salad in a wrap.. U pick the dressing!

Club Wrap


Black Forest Ham, Roasted Turkey & Bacon with Lettuce, Tomato, Onion, Monterey Jack Cheese and Chipotle Mayo

Chicken Wrap


Your choice of smoked & pulled, Southern fried or grilled with Parmesan, lettuce, tomato, red onion & Caesar.

Buffalo Chicken Wrap


Fried chicken nuggets tossed in hot sauce with lettuce, cheese, onions, tomato & our homemade ranch dressing.

Cajun Fried Shrimp Wrap


With lettuce, tomato, onion, cheese and chipotle mayo.

BLT Wrap


Pile of crisp bacon with lettuce, tomato, onion, Monterey jack, Cheddar & shredded Parmesan cheese and chipotle mayo.

Pulled Pork & Coleslaw Wrap


Cheese Steak Wrap


Sweet Peppers, Diced Red Onions, Provolone and our own Southwest Ranch Dressing


U pick ONE side! All of our burgers are fresh 1/2 lb patties. Add Bacon for $1.25.
Cheeses: Cheddar, Provolone, Pepper Jack, American, Swiss, Jalapeno Cheese Sauce.
Please specify if you want lettuce, tomato, pickle or onion!

"Ain't No Bum"


Our Original Burger right off the grill on a Toasted Bun

"Waddlin Chuck"


Our Original Burger topped with your Favorite Cheese on a Toasted Bun

"Uncle Overload"


Two 1/2 lb Patties with your Choice of 3 Slices of Cheese on a Toasted Bun

"Gas Can Patty"


Burger on Toasted Rye with Grilled Onions & Swiss Cheese.



Get a grip on this burger! Topped with Pepper Jack & Jalapeno Cheese Sauce. Covered in Chipotle Mayo

"Little Hotter Hank"


This one comes off the grill wearing Swiss & American Cheese. Covered in Grilled Onions, Jalapenos & Chipotle Mayo on a Toasted Bun.

"Slick Willy"


This tasty Burger wears Cheddar Cheese, topped with Bacon. Covered with Sweet Baby Rays BBQ Sauce on a Toasted Bun.

Barnyard & Seafood

U pick 2 sides!

Hobo's Famous Fried Chicken

3 pcs $8.75 | 2 pcs $7.50

"Half a Cluck"


Leg, Wing, Thigh & Breast. (no subs)

Farm Raised Fish

3 pcs $10.25 | 2 pcs $8.75 
Deep Fried OR Grilled!

Fried Fish Nugget Plate



Slow Smoked & Dry Rubbed (lightly sauced).
Full Rack $19.99 | Half Rack $12.99

Hobo Combos

1/2 Slab of Ribs & 2 pcs Fried Chicken $16.99. All white meat add $1.25.
1/2 Slab of Ribs & 2 pcs Catfish $17.99

Pork Steak


18 oz. slow smoked, dry rubbed, and covered in sauce.

Pork Chops


8 oz. Hand Breaded, Bone-In.
Deep Fried OR Grilled!

Deep Fried Clams


Breaded Fantail Shrimp


Beer Battered Cod Plate


Beer Battered Haddock



One Pan Size - 13" x 16"

Cordon Bleu


Ham, Fresh Tomatoes, Grilled Chicken, Cheddar, Swiss and Mozzarella

Hobo's Classic Supreme


Homemade Italian Sausage, Canadian Bacon, Pepperoni, Bacon, Onion, Mushroom, Green Pepper, Fresh Tomatoes and Pepperoncini. Topped with Lite Mozzarella

The Italiano


Red Onion, Artichoke Hearts, Pepperoncini, Black Olives, Proscuitto Ham, Crumbled Italian Sausage, Fresh Tomato, Mozzarella and Provolone Cheese

The Tradition


Pepperoni, Homemade Italian Sausage, Bacon, Onion and Green Pepper

The Veg


Onion, Mushroom, Green Pepper, Black Olives, Fresh Tomatoes and Pepperoncini

Build Your Own


Cheese Only - $14.99
Each Additional Topping - $1.50

Pepperoni, Homemade Italian Sausage, Hamburger, Bacon, Canadian Bacon, Proscuitto Ham, Mushrooms, Fresh Tomatoes, Onion, Green Pepper, Black Olives, Pepperoncini, Artichoke Hearts, Jalapenos, Pineapple

Hobo Sides

1 with Burger, Sandwich or Wrap. 2 with your Entree

Mashed Potato & Gravy


Twice Baked Potato Casserole


Mashed Potatoes mixed with sour cream, cheese, and bacon!

Potato Salad




Hobo Chips


Macaroni Salad


BBQ Baked Beans


Our Famous Coleslaw


Seasoned Green Beans


Hobo Corn


Corn off the cob, with onions  and peppers

Broccoli Cauliflower Salad **


PREMIUM SIDE - upgrade this side with your meal for an extra $1.50!

Mac & Cheese **


PREMIUM SIDE - upgrade this side with your meal for an extra $1.50!

Onion Rings **


PREMIUM SIDE - upgrade this side with your meal for an extra $2.00!




Try our Iced Tea... Sweet or Not.

Fountain Drinks


We proudly served Pepsi products.

On Tap


Bud - Bud Light - Michelob Golden Draft - Amberbock  - Busch - Stella - Goose IPA - Goose 312 - Sam Adams Seasonal - Blue Moon

Bottled Beer

Bud - Bud Light - Bud Light Lime - Michelob Ultra - Milwaukee's Best - Busch NA - Busch - Busch Light - Natural Light - Miller Light - Coors Lite - Select - Select 55 - Corona - Corona Lite - Pabst - Stag - Angry Orchard


Merlot - White Zinfandel - Chardonnay - Moscato - Cabernet