About Us

Hobo's is a St. Charles County staple, servin' up favorite's for over 10 years!

Located in the heart of Main Street in Historic Old Town St. Peter's!

We are simple folks with a simple place, serving up homemade down home food with a simple goal; to make each and every single person that walks into our door feel like family and servin' up the unbelievable food that speaks for itself and keeps 'em coming back!

A few of the "fan favorites" on the menu are Hobo's famous fried chicken, WINNER OF BEST FRIED CHICKEN IN SAINT CHARLES COUNTY! Also, our crispy fish platters, fall off the bone pork steaks or ribs, juicy burgers, ginormous salads, wraps of every variety, homemade twice baked potato casserole... are you drooling yet?! THERE IS SOMETHING FOR EVERYONE AT HOBO'S

All of our BBQ are smoked right on site, we hand rub it with our special blends of seasonings and spices! We throw it on the smoker to cook over pecan and apple wood EVERY DAY in the early morning and take it off at the peak time when it's fall off the bone ready and delicious!

Our pizzas are entirely homemade! We hand make the dough, season and grind our own Italian Sausage, make our own pizza sauce from scratch, and hand cut all of the toppings! We hand roll the dough when you order it, load it up with sauce and cheese and tons of toppings of your choice! Bake it to perfection in our pizza oven and it comes out crispy, delicious, and serves multiple people with one pizza!

Hobo's is a family business! "Mr. and Mrs. Hobo" are the owners, and you see them STILL working every day! If they are not there, their children and their spouses are running the show! Even Mr. Hobo's own mom, the sassy and customer favorite "Granny", (who is 80 years old!) still comes in several times a week to make her baked beans! Family is serious business to us, and we love working together every day!

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