About Us

First, let me tell you a little something about Hobos.  We are simply folks with a simple place, serving up simple food, generating simple smiles.  If you stop on in and try us out, I will be willing to bet you won't be disappointed.  When you come in sit right down, kick back, and relax.  Go ahead and order up a cold one of your choice.   Just so you know, a few of our favorites on the menu are our Fried chicken, Catfish, Ribs and Pulled Pork.   You can't go wrong with that combination of food.
We smoke everything right here on site, we hand rub it with our special blend of seasonings and spices, we throw it on the smoker to cook over pecan and apple wood.  We throw a down a few pecan shells every now and then just to kick up the flavor.  It hits the smoker every day early in the morning and we serve it up when it's good and ready.
When it comes to the Fried Chicken we are second to no one.  You go right on ahead and order yourself a "half a bird."  I promise you this will sink your chops into what I would say is the best fried chicken anywhere, I will guarantee you that!
Our Catfish is the same way!  We bread it up, drop it in the fryer and when it's ready man oh man, it is mouth-watering good!   
At Hobos, we have a simple goal:  Delicious food at reasonable prices, great service and great people.  You can't go wrong with that combination!  
On behalf of myself, "Mr. Hobo" and the entire staff (and of course "Barney the Pig"), we can't wait to serve you and your friends! 

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